According to surveys, in the United States alone, every year about 100,000 people seek for effective ways to quit smoking pot. They get treatment to help quitting weed. It has been found that a marijuana smoke is composed of about 400 chemicals, most of which are harmful to everyone’s health. This fact alone is a valid reason why a smoker should quit smoking weed(or start vaping with the a portable vape like the firefly (review: ). Here is a list of helpful and practical ways on how to stop smoking pot:

1. Make A Decision And Stick With It

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Quitting weed should be decided by the smoker himself. It is very important to make your decision clear to your body system. In addition, be prepared to any signs of withdrawal symptoms. You should also try to consider or think of the very root cause why you started smoking pot. This way, you will able to avoid such situations to encourage you to smoke again.

2. Do Not Stop Cold Turkey

This is definitely one of the most important ways and tips everyone should remember, specifically to those who are considered heavy smokers. When a person suddenly stops smoking weed, it could dramatically and easily lead to health or physical problems. The best thing to do is to reduce consumption for a matter of 6 to 8 weeks.

3. The Importance Of Proper Diet

It is also important to follow a healthy diet everyday. Your system must be cleaned, that is why it is essential to eat foods which can help in doing this process easier and faster. Include complex carbohydrates in your diet, specifically cranberry juice. This juice has been known in cleaning the body and taking away toxins.

4. Indulge Yourself In Physical Activities And Hobbies

No one can deny the different benefits of exercise and other physical activities. This is definitely one of the most practical and effective ways of quitting weed. When you start to go active in exercise activities and sports, chances are, you will have a positive way of dealing with your smoking problems. On the other hand, taking up a new hobby is very helpful. With this, you can keep your mind occupied with a very interesting and productive activity. Enroll yourself in dance or cooking classes. Perhaps, you can look around and see if there is something to do which is worth your time and effort.


It must be noted that quitting weed may lead to different withdrawal symptoms which include anxiety, paranoia, nervousness, depression, headaches, sleep problems, and a lot more. Aside from the practical ways to quit smoking pot mentioned above, one can also rely on different treatment options and therapies that can help a person to stop smoking. Behavioral therapies such as motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are just one of the treatments to choose from. They are specifically designed in order to change drug-related behavior and focus on motivating a smoker to quit his or her vice. Moreover, one can also rely on support groups which can help individuals to quit marijuana. They allow everyone to share their experience of quitting pot and the support that everyone can receive is overwhelming.

5. Get yourself a vaporizer

If all else fails, pick up a vaporizer. Learn more about portable vaporizers and read reviews at

Indeed, there are effective and helpful ways to quit smoking pot. For someone who wants to quit smoking weed, the support of his or her family is also considered as one of the best things they need to fully recover and get back to their normal life.